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    Specific Guidance on Vaccinating Your 5-11 Year Old At Advanced Pediatrics

    By Dr. Arthur Lavin

    As you all likely know, the great moment has arrived.  Our 5-11 year old children are finally going to be protected from the dangers of COVID and the trauma of passing it along to someone they love.

    The ability for all facilities to give 5-11 year olds their COVID vaccine is now in place.  The FDA has authorized, and the CDC has approved formal recommendations.

    And, Advanced Pediatrics has its shipment of pediatric COVID vaccine for 5-11 year olds, only, confirmed.

    Therefore, we are very, very, very pleased to announce the plan to open up slots in our schedule to immunize your 5-11 year old children against COVID:

    1. We will be offering appointments on two days only, from 1-4PM on Wednesday November 10 and Thursday November 11.
    2. You can call now to book your child, appointments will be offered until they fill.  
    3. If you cannot call, or if the schedule is full when you do, be sure to check with Akron Children’s, Cleveland Clinic, and Cuyahoga County for their schedules offering 5-11 year olds COVID vaccination.
    4. Children ages 7-11 can get their COVID vaccinations at pharmacies ready to offer them, in Ohio, state law prohibits pharmacies from giving anyone under age 7 any immunization.
    5. We will only be booking children for their first COVID vaccine.  The second dose will come due after we become Akron Children’s so we will ask you to call on or after November 19 to book your second dose, here in this office, but in the Akron Children’s books.   The 2nd dose is due on or after 3 weeks after the first, so there will be no problem booking that second dose.  And if you would like it to be given here, please call us on or after November 19, at our same number, when we are Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics- Beachwood.

    AGAIN, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PLAN NOW to have your 5-11 year old children protected from this most dangerous disease, protect your children and protect them from spreading it to those they love.   We can take some appointments on the afternoons of November 10 and 11 but there will be very, very many other facilities joining in this great effort, so you should be able to find a place for your 5-11 year old child by the end of next week.

    To your health,
    Dr. Arthur Lavin

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