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    The Retirement Party and The Day of Retirement Approach

    Dear Families,

    I have already been truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of gratitude and stories of connection spanning so many years together.  Thank you to each and all!

    The Thank You Party

    Two milestone days now approach.  The office is holding a very informal Thank You Party this Sunday, June 25, from 2-4 PM. It will be at our office.  If the sun is shining it will be held in the back of the office where there is a nice patio with benches, umbrellas, and a few benches.

    A wise person recently observed to me that caring for others involves them at some point caring for you.  So I approach the gathering with that in mind.  So many people have expressed an interest in being there even for a short period of time, that I feel the care I offered is indeed being reciprocated.  It is with that in mind that I call it a Thank You Party, and am thanking all involved for this moment.

    The Party will feature an East Coast Custard truck that will make some number of servings available, some ice pops, sidewalk chalk, a couple of bubble machines for those who remember our use of bubbles pre and post COVID.

    If it is raining, we will gather in the Atrium in the central part of the building our office is in, not our office, but the Atrium in the middle of that building.

    My wife Diane and I will be there but also my wonderful pediatrics partner for nearly 20 years, Dr. Julie Hertzer, our great supervisor from Akron Children’s, Ms. Allison Garland.  And I am also so excited that Dr. Zizzy Bucchieri who will be starting to see people in this office in September, will be there for some of the time.  Let me say once again how deeply impressed I am with Dr. Bucchieri’s commitment to caring.  She took the time to reach out to me to talk about my philosophy of care, which I found so parallel and congruent with mine and Dr. Hertzer.  Dr. Bucchieri has honed her practice for over 25 years and achieved a tremendous level of caring that I know will also be deeply appreciated.

    I really do retire with more confidence that everyone will continue to be in excellent hands and outstanding care will continue for you all!


    Many people have come forward with wonderful gifts which deeply move me.  Keep in mind at the same time, that my preference remains that simply saying thank you is plenty moving enough.   If you need to do more, please consider the option of contributing to either an international charity, Save the Children, or a local charity, Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center.


    All this transitional time comes to a moment at 5PM on this Tuesday, June 27, when my retirement actually begins.  It is hard to really believe but after that moment, I will no longer be in practice, and that means no longer available to offer medical advice.  It is a big change for us all, and I do appreciate that.   I feel it myself, and I know from so many of you that you do too.

    It helps tremendously that the office will continue to provide care at the highest level, with Dr. Julie Hertzer continuing her outstanding practice full time, and being joined by the also great Dr. Zizzy Bucchieri.  I leave truly knowing that I leave everyone in excellent hands!

    For those of you who have access to my personal contact information, whether that is email, phone, or home address, please do not be surprised, or upset, if you find that if you try to reach out to me for medical advice, even the proverbial “quick question,”  that I will not be able to reply with any response beyond, “I no longer can offer medical advice.”   Understanding this reality will be helpful to us all.  The fact is that I cannot offer any medical advice once I retire and I leave the context of an active practice.  I will no longer have any access to anyone’s charts, no access to any of the supports that make my advice meaningful and so it simply cannot happen.

    Further, I am approaching retirement with plans to visit lots of family, taking trips, and becoming active in many other activities.  So I simply will not be around so much to connect.  We do plan to continue to reside in Cleveland, so I am sure I will see many of you over time, but more as a fellow Clevelander, and no longer as anyone’s doctor.

    And, aside from actual medical advice, I will continue to be sharing general information with continued posting to this blog, Real Answers with Dr. Lavinand the launching of our second and future seasons of ParentTalk: Managing the Daily Challenges of Parenting.

    I close once again filled with gratitude

    As the Sunday Thank You Party and the actual day of retirement happen in the next few days, I once again come to these moments filled with deep gratitude.  Thank you for choosing me to be your doctor, thank you for your trust over the years, your choices and trust are indeed what allowed me to be a doctor at all.  I will always remain grateful for all of that and more.  I hope everyone gets to enjoy life, good health, and each other’s company for years to come.

    To your health,
    Dr. Arthur Lavin

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