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    ParentTalk: Managing the Challenges of Daily Parenting Announcing the Release of Season 2!

    Dear Families,

    As I approach retirement from the practice of medicine, on June 27, I am very pleased to remind everyone that Real Answers with Dr. Lavin will continue in its familiar format and broad range of in-depth presentations on medical issues you care about.

    One of those is parenting!

    Followers of Real Answers will already know that my co-author of many years, Susan Glaser, and I, have created a new podcast, ParentTalk: Managing the Challenges of Daily Parenting.   Susan is one of the nation’s top early childhood consultants, and together we wrote the widely acclaimed books Who’s the Boss: Moving Families from Conflict to Collaboration, and Babies and Toddlers Sleep Solutions for Dummies (already translated into several languages!).

    Now Susan and I are bringing the messages many of you have valued over the years to the world of podcast.  We have been thrilled with the initial reception, including the endorsement of Naturepedic with a national sponsorship, and the invite from Dr. Gaggino, a board member o the American Academy of Pediatrics to appear on her podcast, Pediatric Meltdown, a top resource on pediatric mental health with the nation’s top experts.

    But most of all, we have been thrilled at the reception of you, the families we serve, to the content and advice presented every week in  ParentTalk.

    Because of your interest, we are now able to announce the launch of Season 2 ParentTalk Podcast, and it’s happening this Monday, June 12!

    ParentTalk will now be releasing a new episode every Monday.

    With topics ranging from toilet mastery, to sibling rivalry, to complicated issues such as managing separation and parenting through loss, we’re confident that our new slate will offer something for everyone interested in negotiating conflict and building stronger, more empathic relationships with their children.

    You can access  ParentTalk directly at this website, but for frequent podcasters, ParentTalk: Managing the Challenges of Daily Parenting is easily reached at all your favorite podcast sites, including Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, Pocket Casts, Audacy, and Soundcloud.

    For those looking to support the podcast, here’s how you can help:

    1)  Visit us at parenttalkpodcast.com.  Here you can find subscribe links to our podcast, access our episode archive, and submit questions for us to answer in future episodes.

    2)  Subscribe/listen/rate.  Become a part of our virtual community by subscribing to our podcast.  Once you’ve listened to an episode, rate our work (many podcasting applications require you listen to one episode in full before submitting a rating).  We’re growing as podcasters, so not only will we appreciate and learn from your feedback, submitting a rating will help us be seen by others looking for answers to their parenting questions.

    3)  Spread the word.  Our goal with this podcast is to create a supportive online community for parents of every age and stripe.  You can help us in this grassroots effort by sending our website to parents in your own communities, posting it to parenting forums, and/or forwarding it to colleagues in your field.  With your support, we can ensure that this free resource reaches every parent who may want or benefit from our content.

    Thank you all for supporting us through this podcasting journey.  We’re only too excited for you to hear our upcoming episodes!

    To your health,
    Arthur Lavin MD

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