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    It’s a Go! All Children Ages 5-11 Years Old Can Now Get the COVID Vaccine

    By Dr. Arthur Lavin

    This is a special announcement, last night the 4 step process to have a new vaccine officially adopted across the United States was completed when the Director of the CDC approved the official recommendations of the CDC for use of the COVID vaccine for all children ages 5-11 years old.

    Therefore, starting last night, including now, and going forward, all our children ages 5-11 years old can get their first COVID-19 vaccine!

    We are planning to give 5-11 year olds their COVID-19 vaccine here at Advanced Pediatrics and at this moment are simply awaiting receiving our vaccine and hope to have appointments made available, next week.   

    We will not make any appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine until our promised shipment is in hand.  We do not want to promise to give any vaccine we do not actually have physically on hand!

    But we do anticipate getting our COVID vaccine for 5-11 year olds soon and when we do we will issue specific times that we will offer it.  So stay tuned.

    But for right now, the day has finally arrived when all our children ages 5-11 years old can be protected from this very deadly disease and virus.   Your doctors, Dr. Julie Hertzer and Dr. Arthur Lavin are 100% enthusiastic about this step.  The shot is incredibly safe, far safer than even ibuprofen.  The shot is incredibly effective, it will protect our children.

    Bottom Lines:

    1. The COVID-19 vaccine for all children ages 5-11 years old is now able to be given across the entire US.
    2. Please, please, please, for the health and life of your children and of all those you love, and everyone, please have your 5-11 year old vaccinated against COVID-19 ASAP.
    3. Advanced Pediatrics hopes to be giving this vaccine to just 5-11 year old children next week, we will announce the times we will give the vaccine as soon as we receive our vaccine shipment.  WE DO NOT HAVE THIS VACCINE IN HAND YET TODAY.   So stay tuned for that announcement in the coming days.
    4. The 5-11 year old COVID-19 vaccine is the same Pfizer vaccine given to all people 12 years old and up, but in a different vial to provide a new dosage for the younger children.  All adults and adolescents got 0.3 ml in their vaccine, the younger 5-11 year olds will get 0.1 ml.  Therefore the vials of COVID-19 we will have in our office will be only usable for children ages 5-11, not older, not younger.

    Today’s Takeaway:
    This is a great moment for our children, for all our country!   Please, please, please find your way to have all your 5-11 year old children ASAP!

    To your health,
    Dr. Arthur Lavin


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