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    News, Some Change, An Appreciation

    News, Some Change, An Appreciation

    Dear Families,
    As many know, we have approached the practice of pediatrics with the relationship to families as the central core of what we do.   Over the years, this has meant many families have formed very close working relationships with our providers.  And you should know we also enjoy working together as well.
    So it is with some real sadness that we are informing our Advanced Pediatrics family that Kelley Muldoon Rieger is going to be retiring from Advanced Pediatrics to spend more time with her family.
    At the same time, we are happy for Kelley that she can have this special time together while her children are still young.   Kelley has let us know that her last day in the office will be May 20 of this year.
    That is the news.
    The change of course will be that Kelley will no longer be in the office caring for your children.  Dr. Hertzer and I will be available for all such care starting once Kelley leaves.  We will continue to offer the same level of service, including availability for same day appointments.  
    The only other change that you might experience will be during times of scheduling health supervision visits (check-ups) around the time that camps, sports, or school start.  That has always been a time when appointment requests tend to bunch together causing us to only able to offer appointments some days after the requested time.  But there are several solutions to this potential challenge:
    1.  The best idea is to schedule your child’s annual health supervision visit (check-up) around their birthday, this avoids trying to book this sort of appointment on the day before school when so many others find themselves having to do who did not use this strategy.
    2.  Talk to our office to enroll in our online services program called Healow.  Get a username and password, and go online to request appointments well in advanced.
    That is the change.
    As Kelley prepares to leave, we want to offer much deserved appreciation.   Ms. Muldoon Rieger came to Advanced Pediatrics before we opened, as our account representative for our first electronic medical record software, in 2002.   She and her husband had recently moved to Cleveland, and the various interests aligned, as we were looking to hire a nurse practitioner and Kelley was interested in practicing pediatrics.   And so Kelley joined Advanced Pediatrics at its very inception and has been here since.
    Kelley has brought a refreshing, upbeat, sharp, caring stance to her practice of medicine.  This has been in strong evidence every day over the last 13 years.   Her clinical acumen has been exceptional, many families have been the beneficiary of her expertise and clear eye.  In practice, we are called upon to evaluate large numbers of situations and not miss the one of these many that indicates a serious problem.  Over the years, many families have come to experience Kelley’s outstanding ability to do just that, to know something is different, that something needs further evaluation.   And in essentially every such circumstance, Kelley has been right and found a problem that was important to address.  Many children and families have benefited from her abilities.
    Just as important as her medical expertise has been her total commitment to care.  To make sure families were comfortable, that they understood, that their issues were listened to and addressed.
    I have always valued the sound of laughter coming from Kelley and the families she is seeing in her rooms.
    Putting it all together, I want to thank Kelley for her care of all of you over the years.  There are few doctors or nurses I know who have done, or could have done a better job.   We will miss Kelley working here, and wish only the best going forward, and say so with a tremendous amount of gratitude.
    And, as I know Kelley would agree, Dr. Hertzer and I remain here, able to carry on just these same qualities so that Advanced Pediatrics will continue the same level and quality of care you have come to expect from us.
    To your health,
    Dr. Arthur Lavin

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