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    Who Knows When is the BEST Time to Get your Flu Shot? The CDC

    By Dr. Arthur Lavin

    The CDC recently discussed the best timing for getting your flu shot.

    Why does the timing matter?

    You could be too early.

    The shot does not last longer than a number of months, so it’s makes sense to get the protection as close to epidemic time as possible, which means getting a flu shot many months before the epidemic time is too early.

    You could be too late.

    Obviously, getting the flu shot in the middle of the flu epidemic would be too late.

    So, when is the best time?


    Why is that?

    The regular, seasonal influenza virus epidemic hits Ohio around later in December and lifts by May, every year.

    So getting the flu shot in October gets you fully protected in plenty of time for late December, but not too early.

    And, so we are pleased that we always hold off starting to offer flu shots until very close to October.

    In fact, Flu Fest 2019 is being held only in October, so sign up now for your child’s fly immunization for either the October 5 or 19 Flu Fest.

    And everyone should know that if they happen to get their flu shot in early November or even mid-November that is perfectly fine.

    Remember, the germ we are protecting against does not show up until later in December!


    1. Good news.  The best time to get immunized for influenza virus is October.  
    2. The practice of pharmacies to market flu vaccine starting in August offers no benefit to waiting until October, in fact, waiting until October is best.
    3. Advanced Pediatrics is offering flu shots on October 5 and 19, and everyone who gets a flu shot then is being offered a free scoop of Mitchell’s Ice Cream, thank you Mitchell’s!
    4. If for any reason you get your child immunized for flu in early or even mid-November, you are still in plenty of time.  We would say getting a flu shot in late December or January or later is getting very late.

    To your health,
    Dr. Arthur Lavin


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