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    Important News for Pregnant Women and Girls in our Community

    Dr. Jessica Katz, a wonderful obstetrician-gynecologist, has moved back to Cleveland and has opened her private practice in OB-GYN just minutes from Advanced Pediatrics.

    katz-headshotThe world of obstetrics and of gynecology in Cleveland has been defined by large medical center style practices over the last few years. Between the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals of Cleveland, nearly every baby born in NE Ohio has received prenatal care at one of these two medical centers.  Many families report that the change from a small office to the large medical center has introduced long wait times, greater barriers to talking to your obstetrician, increased uncertainty about who will be delivering your baby, and more complicated steps to getting labs and imaging done.

    So we were very, very excited when we found out Dr. Katz was in town.


    I have known Dr. Katz for many years.  My daughters and she were very good friends growing up.  It was so exciting to bump into Dr. Katz at Hillcrest while seeing a newborn, and finding she was now in practice a few minutes away from ours!

    Dr. Katz is not only an outstanding obstetrician and gynecologist, but a truly wonderful person who takes wonderful care of her patients.  We are very excited to recommend her highly to our Advanced Pediatric families and their friends.

    In addition to be being a fantastic choice for obstetric care during pregnancies, Dr. Katz also has a special interest in working with adolescent girls who have questions about contraception, or gynecologic discomforts or problems.

    Advanced Pediatrics is also very excited to invite Dr. Katz to participate in our News You Can Use email blog posts, so look forward to exciting news about pregnancy and adolescent gynecologic health in future posts.

    So why do we recommend Dr. Katz?

    • Dr. Katz is a truly wonderful person, and an outstanding expert in her field
    • Her private practice setting allows for the same access to care you experience at Advanced Pediatrics
    • You get to see the OB and GYN doctor you want to see, with ease of making appointments.   Many large groups in the large centers now have 5-6 month waiting lists with no ability to be sure of who you see.
    • You don’t have to suffer long waiting times in the office.
    • Calling your doctor is easy, just call and you can get a message to Dr. Katz right away and she will call back.
    • Fetal ultrasounds are done in her office, no need to go elsewhere for routine monitoring.
    • For young girls with gynecologic problems, an unusual challenge, but for those who do, Dr. Katz can help and quickly.
    • For adolescents with questions about contraception, pelvic pain, STD diagnosis and management, Dr. Katz is very nearby and easy to get to see, and most importantly, so good with kids.

    Join us in welcoming Dr. Jessica Katz to our community, we are all lucky she is here and we look forward to working together.

    To your health,
    Dr. Arthur Lavin

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