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    Good News From Our New Office- ACHP Beachwood

    For the readers of Real Answers who we care for at 3733 Park East, you all know that just 2 weeks ago our office changed names, but not people, from Advanced Pediatrics to Akron Children’s Hospital (ACHP)- Beachwood.

    We know that there has been widespread frustration with one key aspect of this change- the flow of phone calls.  We have good news on that issue, but before we share the update on this issue, let’s share some other good news.

    First, Dr. Hertzer and I are so profoundly pleased with the improvement in care and resources.  The people of Akron Children’s have been nothing less than phenomenal, highly professional, and deeply respectful of pediatric practice.  Our abilities to offer care are stronger than ever.  From the new scales we have, to the much broader range of in-office tests (now available- flu, Mono, and soon COVID), to a much richer ability to screen for important issues, the office is stronger.

    Second, the doctors remain the same as do much of the staff.  All care remains with Dr. Hertzer and I with the several week exception of extra support from Dr. Tim Richmond who many of you have met already.  Dr. Richmond has been kind enough to be present for a few weeks to help during the transition.  But Dr. Hertzer and Dr. Lavin remain in the same office, providing the same care, along with Sam, Sue, and Tina.  Mr. Selekman remains in place to offer therapy services, and Dr. Weitman for cognitive and emotional assessments and care.

    At the same time, we all share the realization that we have a logistical problem to solve, namely the flow of phone calls.  When you call for help, you should get help, and quickly.

    We know all families feel rightly very strongly about this, and we do too.  Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience in the extended holds, as well as having some calls go to a call center that does not know you.

    The good news is that all of us here at this office, and the whole Akron Children’s Hospital team totally shares your frustration and is working very hard to solve it.

    What does working hard mean?  First, more people answering the phone.  ACHP is devoting more people fully trained in taking your calls.  We had a major meeting today and the plans are in place to do this ASAP.  Second,  a lot of people are attending the issue, time on hold, numbers of calls, all manner of details are being gathered daily and watched closely here and at the main ACHP offices.

    More good news, the extra attention has already cut hold times for when you call our office by 66%, just in the last day or so.  And, the steps being taken will bring the time on hold down even further.

    Our dear families, we are in transition, and towards something very good.  And the one item that is making phone flow slower is that everyone needs to be fully registered in the new system.  This is a one time demand on the system.  In the near term, we will see the need for every call to be a new registration drop.  On our call today, the head of ACHP and other senior officials let us know that the trouble being experienced in our phone flow is sure to get better, and it already is.

    So at this time, as we work very hard to solve the phone frustrations, know that it will get better.

    We all appreciate your patience during this transition, and once again we offer our apologies for the inconvenience it is causing now.  I remain highly confident that as the phone issue resolves, you will join us in celebrating how substantially improved our office is now.

    To your health,
    Dr. Arthur Lavin

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