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    Flu Vaccines for 2011-2012: Flu Shot Days set for September 10 or 17

    Flu Vaccine 2011-2012

    Advanced Pediatrics is pleased to announce that this year’s influenza immunizations are now available in our office.
    Call now for your appointment on September 10 or September 17 for our Flu Vaccine Days.

    Influenza is a virus that sweeps across our region every winter, typically appearing in December and leaving our community around April.
    This virus is responsible for a rather astounding amount of winter illness, causing fully 1/3 of all colds, flus, and ear infections.
    Influenza immunization is now recommended for everyone, except for those less than 6 months old.
    Influenza immunization comes in two formats:  a shot and a nasal spray.  The shot contains dead virus and is fine for anyone to use.  The nasal spray contains live virus and should not be used by anyone less than 2 years old, older than 50 years old, or anyone with a chronic illness, including asthma.
    With regard to how many influenza vaccines is a complete series, the answer is very simple.  Anyone under age 9 who has never had an influenza vaccine, needs two influenza vaccines at least one month apart to be fully protected.
    That also means anyone who has had an influenza vaccine in the past only needs one this year.
    Overall, the data show that the nasal spray tends to work a little better- the immunity covers more strains than are in the vaccine and lasts longer.  But, at the same time, the shot works quite well, too.
    Getting Your Influenza Vaccine at Advanced Pediatrics
    In order to make sure the entire practice gets the chance to be protected from influenza infection in a timely and easy manner, we are going to offer influenza vaccinations in two ways:
    1. Any child in the practice 6 months of age or older can get their influenza vaccine at any visit to office, whether it be for a health supervision visit (check-up), sick visit, or conference.
    2. We will once again offer special Flu Vaccine Clinic days to allow a large number of people the chance to simply come in and get their flu vaccine in a few minutes time.
    The Flu Vaccine Clinic days will be held on two Saturdays in September:
    September 10 and 17, each starting at 9AM.  You can call now to set up your time for these days.
    The outlook for our supply looks good, no shortages are expected.  And the H1N1 strain is once again included in this year’s flu vaccines, eliminating the need for a separate flu vaccine routine.
    Even so, we would like to limit our flu vaccine offerings to children in families.  Once we are truly sure that no shortages are expected will be opening up flu shot availability to parents.
    We at Advanced Pediatrics are very pleased to be able to help make sure this winter is as healthy as possible.
    Dr. Arthur Lavin
    Dr. Julie Hertzer
    Ms. Kelley Muldoon Rieger

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