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    Bedtime Improves Academic Performance

    A large study of sleep habits and school success demonstrates that setting a regular
    bedtime alone can have an impact on your child’s success in school.
    The study was reported on NPR on June 7, 2010.
    This study looked at 8000 young children, and compared the academic success of children
    whose parents set a regular bedtime to those whose families did not.
    The research tracked bedtime practices from ages 9 months old through age 5, and looked at academic levels of ability in Kindergarten.
    Children with a regular bedtime scored 6 percentage points higher in reading and 7 points higher in math.
    A simple intervention, with an interesting impact on reading and math abilities.
    The results are not surprising, as sleep is one of the brain’s key requirements for learning and good function.
    Bottom Line   Set a regular bedtime.
    Dr. Arthur Lavin


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