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    An Appreciation

    By Dr. Arthur Lavin

    Dear Families,

    This special posting in Real Answers shares a special photo and a special book, really an appreciation to everyone in the practice.

    It has been a very cruel year here in the US and Ohio, and the difficulties are sadly not over yet, though of course we all hope for a true End to the Pandemic soon.

    For now, we wanted to reach out to everyone and recognize so very many families who have taken this danger seriously, and taken major efforts to protect their children, themselves, their families, their friends, and our community.   The steps that work are not that complicated, but they are not that easy, especially when the nation moves to throw caution to the wind.  That throwing away caution has cost us all dearly, just consider the vast loss of life we have all endured.   So staying careful is appreciated, and encouraged until we achieve real success at ending this catastrophe.

    And we have two items to share to pick up spirits as we say our thanks.

    First is a wonderful picture of Ayvan Friedman who is the son of Drs. Ken Friedman and Sanjita Ravishankar, studying a very important book!

    And speaking of important books, here is one written by Ms. Jen Guyuron:

    This is an important book, written by a mother whose baby was born during the pandemic and whose entire infancy has been touched by it.  The title, Baby in the Window, refers to the experience of the extended family yearning to be with the new baby, and only able to connect through a window.  It really is the story of lives led that respect the potential danger of gathering in person while the virus threatens, told in beautiful poetry and illustrations, touching on the painful distance the danger has imposed and the hopes for getting together once the danger is indeed passed.   (and it’s available at Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/46epk4kd)

    Many thanks again to Avyan and Ms. Guyuron for sharing their photo and book with us.

    And here is hoping the Pandemic lifts its heavy hand, finally and soon.

    In the meantime, stay safe to be safe,
    Dr. Arthur Lavin

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